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Want to Grow Your Business? This Brand Strategy Course Can Help.

I just marked 9 years in business and while I love celebrating a well-deserved achievement, I also think that achievement is deserving of reflection. It's hard for me to hit the "another year in business" mark every January without reflecting on my journey to get here. Because the business you see today is far from the business I started in 2015.

When I launched my business, I was so unsure of myself; I doubted my ability to run a business, and my (very) low rates were a reflection of that lack of confidence. Plus, I was so focused on being able to get my business off the ground, I wasn't thinking super strategically about the brand that I was building or how to market myself.

It took me a few years to realize how important those things were--and yes, I see the irony in that given that I am now a professional Brand Strategist and strategic content marketer--but I didn't have a roadmap for how to approach that until my business was well underway.

A DIY Brand Strategy Course to Grow Your Business

It was for this exact reason that I decided to create a brand strategy course for other businesses. I've been in the trenches and I know how hard and/or expensive it is to access a lot of branding resources as a small businesses or solopreneur. So, I developed my branding course to help other businesses tap into an accessible and affordable way to build a brand and grow their business.

Not sure why this might be useful to you? Here are 3 reasons to consider purchasing my brand strategy course.

#1: You don't know the most effective ways to talk to their target audience

This is probably the #1 reason I hear from my clients about why they want to invest in a brand strategy. Many of them have been in business for a few years, gotten by on word of mouth, and realize that they have to put a plan in place to take it up a notch and actually compete in the digital landscape. They don't have a concrete way to talk about what they do, and it makes them break a sweat--whether tackling the dreaded "so, what do you do?" question at parties or having to pitch their services to someone new.

And in many cases, they don't even really know who they should be talking to in the first place. Most of the new clients I work with struggle to define not only who their target audiences are and what they need, but they also wrestle with whether or not they need to pick a niche. (My answer: not necessarily).

#2: You have been getting conflicting pieces of free advice from experts

Oh, the internet! It can be such a wonderful source of information, except when it's not. Information overload is real and when all of these "experts" who have figured out how to beat algorithms are doling out a ton of one-size-fits-all advice about how to market your business, it is truly shocking to many of my clients that their approach doesn't work. One expert tells you to niche down, another tells you to create a marketing funnel, and another encourages you to post everyday (multiple times a day!) on social media in order to go viral.

In the right context, it's not terrible advice. But it's not advice given out with your specific business in mind. There are plenty of marketing tactics you can adopt from experts on the internet, but without having the foundational understanding of what kind of brand you're building none of it matters.

#3: You know you have to build a brand to be successful, you just don't know how

On a recent discovery call with a now-new client, she admitted to me that she understands the importance of brand building in this digital landscape, she just doesn't know how to create one for herself. And for good reason; trying to brand yourself without external help is near-impossible because it's hard for us to have perspective about something we're so close to. It's a classic "can't see the forrest for the trees" scenario.

This is something I experienced myself when I decided to rebrand in 2019. I found it impossible to articulate exactly what I was trying to do, and as a result, I completely avoided it. It wasn't until I had some downtime in late 2020 that I decided to put myself through my own process and methodology - the very same that's in my brand strategy course - and couldn't believe how well it worked. Of course, I knew it worked for my clients, but I was the first of my DIY test subjects and it ignited the spark of an idea for a course.

Are You Ready to Invest In Your Brand?

If you're ready to stop procrastinating and start marketing your business with confidence, then it's time for you to invest in this brand strategy course. Because it's not just an investment in your business, it's also an investment in yourself.


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