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Brand Strategist


Branding is more than just a logo; it's the heart and soul of your company. Without the right messaging, you become soulless (metaphorically speaking), making it hard to connect with customers and even harder to grow your business. 


Branding–and more specifically, brand marketing–requires consistency, content and careful strategy. What stories are you trying to tell? What do you want customers to think about when they see your logo? How can you establish trust so that leads convert to sales?


Easy: through well-crafted brand strategy.

Brand Strategy

No matter the business size, the process always starts off the same way: with a deep-dive into the evolution of the brand.

If you’re a solopreneur, that means getting to know your journey up to this point.

If you’re a larger company, that means holding interviews with all the various stakeholders to gain more perspective on what feels disjointed and where priorities overlap. 

Once we have some insight into the goals, the challenges, and the expectations of the brand, we’ll get to work establishing your Brand Foundation. Similar to a house, a brand requires a strong foundation to build upon.

During these strategy sessions, we’ll find the heart of your brand and create all the lines of messaging you need to engage customers, clients, partners, sponsors, or investors.

Brand Strategy

Happy Clients

"Hilary was the branding therapist I really needed. I'd struggled for years to concisely explain my business, and I had tried I-don't-even-know how many books and tools and Ted-talks to try and do it. She led me through her process, and in a matter of weeks, I had developed clear value propositions, a brand deck, an e-book, and (maybe most importantly) the ability to explain my business in just a couple of sentences. That clarity continues to pay dividends, shortening my sales cycle, improving my internal processes, and making cocktail conversation much less stressful. The value Hilary created for me is incalculable and her services were worth every single penny."
                                                               -Dana Koteen, MISEbox


Brand strategy deliverables include: 

Your mission statement

Your brand values

Psychographic profiles for your target audience(s)

Compelling value propositions 

Competitor research

A positioning statement to help you position your company in the wider marketplace

Your elevator pitch

Your brand voice

Your emotion-driven brand story



Why are these things important? Because without them you can’t craft compelling copy for your website, engage new customers on social media, think about search intent when it comes to blogging and SEO strategy, hire new employees, create office culture, or seek out new investors. Brand strategy is an integral part of business success, and a worthy investment.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?

Happy Clients

"I won’t sugarcoat it. When you sign up to work with Hilary, you are going to be challenged. I certainly was. An effective brand strategy means you will attract the right people to you because your identity is clear. Hilary challenged me in a way that propelled me forward. She is bright, assertive, organized, and I felt I was in great hands."                                                                                                                
                                           - Michal Naisteter, Michal Matches
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