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"I won’t sugarcoat it. When you signup to work with Hilary, you are going to be challenged. I certainly was. That is why I want to give her a 5star review. An effective brand strategy means you will attract the right people to you because your identity is clear. Hilary challenged me in a way that propelled me forward. She is bright, assertive, organized, and I felt I was in great hands."

Michal Naisteter

Michal Matches

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" I always struggled with figuring out how to create a more streamlined brand that others could easily understand and buy into. Once I hired Hilary, however, she was able to get to the heart of the service I provide to clients and create brand language around it that made it easier for others to understand and connect with. Thanks to Hilary, my brand is now something that I'm proud to share with the world."

Dr. Buzz Mingin

Dr. Buzz Mingin, The Stress Doctor

"Inspiration. Rock. Biggest Supporter. Friend.


These are words that come to mind when I think about my time I worked with Hilary. I cannot express how crucial she was in the beginning stages of my business. My meetings with her were what helped shape the framework of my business. I was able to keep a schedule and stay on track. Hilary is professional and friendly. Not that these two can't go together, but there's something about Hilary's down-to-earth nature and approachability that made it such a pleasure to work with her.  


She continues to be one of my biggest supporters to this day and I value her friendship and presence in my life!"           


Lana Tang, Floral Designer & Founder 

Junebug Flowers & Design

"Before hiring Hilary I had done so much marketing training only to realize that it’s just not my expertise! I am grateful for all that I learned on my own but with Hilary in the room I feel like I don’t have to know all the answers. I can focus on showing up for my amazing work and can turn to her for support with the rest. She takes my big glorious visions and organizes them into concrete next steps and practical follow through. I can’t imagine running my business without her!"

Kelsey Fox Bennett, Educator, Healer & Self-Love Mindfulness Coach

Kelsey Fox Bennett

"Although not in the office with us, Hilary has become an integral part of our marketing department, through not only through her help and guidance in content strategy and execution, but also through her immensely helpful mentoring mentality—she's quick to respond to all questions and concerns, gives insightful feedback, and is dedicated to helping her clients succeed, and improve their own content marketing skills.

Working on everything from SEO-optimized blog posts, to e-books, to email marketing content, she has seamlessly joined our team, taking things off of our plates so that we can really focus on the bigger picture and grow our business."

Paige Coho, Director of Marketing

Medical Guardian

"HYC built Walk It Like A Dog's entire marketing department from nothing. Hilary really understood the needs of a growing, local small business, and was able to provide me with a strategy to maximize my budget. Hilary developed a social media strategy and provided original blog content to get me started. She really 'taught a man to fish' by giving me the tools necessary to run a successful marketing campaign. I look forward to working with HYC more as my company continues to grow."

Richard Miller, Founder

Walk It Like A Dog

"I first came to Hilary with an idea about a brand I wanted to build from the ground up. I had so many different ideas, it was hard for me to get started on my own.  But she did a really great job of identifying exactly what I wanted to accomplish and helping me stay focused on achieving it. HYC designed my logo and website, they allowed me to find my brand voice and gave me the tools I needed to not only create a more successful business, but build a strong brand that will enable me to continue to grow in the future."

Eileen O'Keefe Clancy, Owner

Simply Juicy Travel

"I hired HYC to help me improve our website and to start a social media campaign for my business.  HYC has done this and more.  Hilary guided me in reviewing our web content to improve our visibility on google searches, created ad campaigns for google searches, started an active Facebook page and a Twitter account for us, monitors all of our accounts and generally helps us with all our online needs. 


On a professional level, Hilary has accomplished all we asked her to do and more! Her knowledge of the tech habits and needs of my target audience has vastly improved our online presence.  On a personal level, Hilary is an upbeat, engaging, friendly person who is very easy to work with.  I recommend her, without reservation, to any person/business looking to improve their online presence. You will not be disappointed."

Tina Nugent, Owner

Cherry Hill Montessori

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