I'm Biased, But I Think I Have A Great Story


I am a content and brand marketing specialist. I have been professionally telling stories for over 14 years, first through television and film, and then through the written word.


I began my career in television as an Intern for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Upon graduating from The University of Maryland in 2005, I was hired by The Colbert Report to serve as Stephen Colbert’s assistant.  

In 2008, I joined the world of freelancers, working on various projects for companies such as HBO, VH1, SpikeTV, and MTV until CollegeHumor.com hired me as their Senior Producer of Sponsored/Branded Content. It was at CollegeHumor.com that I developed my love of client interaction, serving as an Executive Producer on projects for big brands, like Geico, Nestea, Nintendo, Axe Body/Shower, Best Buy and Mountain Dew. In 2010, I was hired by Jonathan Tisch and PlumTV to produce an Emmy-nominated series called “Beyond the Boardroom.”

After moving to Philadelphia from New York City in 2011, I worked for a handful of startups and nonprofits in the marketing department. In 2012, I was hired as the Communications Manager for a growing medical device company in Center City.

Today, I am able to serve businesses across a variety of industries, as well as nonprofit organizations through my work at HYC. Specializing in brand messaging, content strategy, content audits, on-site content, SEO-optimized blog content, and email marketing, I have worked with businesses both small and large, across a variety of industries and many different demographics. The end goal for everyone, of course, is to make deeper connections with customers and grow their business.

In 2017, I launched a new HYC service: creative coaching for women who run their own businesses, or who are looking to launch their own businesses. It's a service born out of my own struggles and experience with starting my own business and it's one of my greatest joys now. Being able to help other women succeed is rewarding and important.


I live in the Philadelphia area with my husband and two young daughters, but I work with clients all over the country. 

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