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Meet Your Brand Strategist: Hilary Young

Every good story has a beginning, middle, and an end. My end is being written everyday.

My story began in New York City in television production. In college, I worked for ABC News, Curious Pictures, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. After I graduated, I was hired to be Stephen Colbert’s assistant for a new show called The Colbert Report. Having the opportunity to not only work on launching a new show, but to also be in the room where things were happening was a once in a lifetime experience. Although I didn’t know it at the time, watching The Colbert Report come to life was my first experience with successful brand building.

Brand strategy in action

After several years with the Report, I went on to work for a variety of comedy specials and music shows including HBO’s Ricky Gervais: Out of England, VH1’s Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Inductions, and the LOGO Network’s Now Next New Awards. Eventually I was hired as a producer on MTV’s The CollegeHumor Show. After the show wrapped, CollegeHumor kept me on as their Senior Producer of Branded Content, where I helped brands like Nestea, Axe, Geico, Stride Gum, and others integrate their products into CollegeHumor videos. After leaving CollegeHumor in 2010, I went on to serve as the Producer for Beyond the Boardroom, a talk show that aired on Bloomberg TV.


After nearly a decade of building a career in television, I decided to build a life. I moved to Philadelphia to be with my husband and started working in the marketing department for a nonprofit. In 2013, I was hired to serve as the Communications Manager for Medical Guardian, a medical alert device company based in Center City. I learned a great deal about the senior market in that role, and became a subject matter expert on aging. I also produced Medical Guardian’s first video spots with an official spokeswoman, Florence Henderson.


In 2015, when I was pregnant with my oldest child, there was an ice storm in Philadelphia and my request to work from home was denied, despite the years of loyalty and great work for the company. I ended up using the rage I felt that day to fuel my drive to build my own business; one that valued people and honored work life balance in a more significant way than I had experienced in the past. It was that day that Hilary Young Creative was born.

I now serve as a brand strategist and consultant to clients big and small. The work that I do today has connected all the dots of my past experiences, allowing me to continue to tell compelling stories through a variety of mediums.


As for the end of this story? It’s still being written every day.

Have Me on Your Podcast or Panel Discussion

I was in the Drama Club as a kid, so talking in front of crowds is where I am most comfortable. I have a large well of experience to pull from and can talk about a variety of topics; from branding, to the importance of content in marketing, to the challenges of being a working mom and a business owner, to making a major career change--I've been through it all, so I can talk about it all. 

I am honest, funny and authentically me. I'm available for keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and podcasts, but I'm open to other ideas too.

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