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Don't Just Build a Business, Build a Brand

Set yourself up for strategic success in the marketplace

I can teach you how.

With my new course


Branding from the Heart: 

How to Build an Authentic Brand That Connects With Your Audience

Learn how to build a brand that connects with your ideal customer, generates more qualified leads, and closes more sales.


A good brand strategy will help you craft messaging that highlights your product or services in ways that customers or clients relate to, but a great brand strategy will foster relationships and leverage emotional appeals in order to yield greater customer loyalty and ultimately, bigger profit margins.


I chose to name this course Branding from the Heart because authenticity is one of the greatest assets any brand can have at their disposal. Authenticity is what will ultimately set you apart from your competition, and help you form deeper and more meaningful connections with your target audience. 

So, how exactly do you do that?

I’ll teach you all of the basic principles that you need to understand in order to craft clear, concise messaging for your target market. By the end of this course, you’ll have a completed Brand Foundation that identifies your brand’s:

Brand strategy course for business growth

✔ Mission statement

✔ Elevator pitch

✔ Values

✔ Value propositions

✔ Target audience segments

✔ Positioning Statement

✔ Personality  Tone

✔ Core Brand Story

This course provides you with everything you’ll need to successfully launch a new business or rebrand an existing business and create meaningful and long-lasting connections with potential customers. 


This self-paced course includes:


  • 12 video tutorials and written lessons

  • 9 worksheets and exercises

  • 8 emails with extra tools and resources 

  • 1 final Brand Foundations document to house your entire strategy

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“This course was so easy to follow and digest! Hilary does an incredible job breaking down the brand strategy process and making it actionable. I was able to listen to the short lessons throughout my regular work day and use the worksheets to start implementing right away.”

- Mara K., Marketing & PR

"I had been struggling to figure out the best things to say about my business on my website and in my marketing materials, but after going through Hilary's course, I felt so much more confident about it! As a result, I've booked several new clients."

- Dan R., Therapist

“This course has definitely been good for me. I think the written exercises are my favorite because I’m finding I don’t always think about these topics and I need to really sit with them to process and get into that deep thinking/brainstorm mode…with no distractions for the best results!”

- Nichole H., Photographer

Why This Work Matters

Building a brand is not unlike wanting to build an ideal person–we’re more successful when we can be authentic, empathetic, honest, and uniquely yourself. Knowing what your brand stands for will help to prevent mixed messages and connect you with the right customers and clients. 


With a clear brand strategy you’ll be able to simplify your marketing, create cohesive content, and reach a wider audience. Basically, with a clear brand strategy all of the other work you do in your business and for your clients will be easier. 

Meet Your Brand Strategist and Mentor

Hi I’m Hilary! I have over twenty years of experience in the storytelling space, first in television production in NYC and then in marketing communications in Philadelphia. I spent the early years of my career working on stellar projects like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Ricky Gervais’ Out of England comedy special for HBO, and served as the Senior Producer of Branded Content at CollegeHumor for a few years.


My time in television wasn’t just all glitz and glamor (although I have some pretty great stories to tell!); I also learned a whole lot about how to tell compelling stories that drew big audiences from some of the most brilliant, talented people. And I was able to take all of those lessons with me when I packed up and headed down to Philadelphia to transition into marketing.


In 2013, I was hired to serve as the Communications Manager for a medical alert device company based in Center City. I learned a great deal about the senior market in that role, and became a subject matter expert on aging. I also produced video spots with spokeswoman Florence Henderson.


Whether talking to young people in their 20’s or older folks in their 70’s, I realized that by applying my marketing method the brands I was working for were able to connect with their audiences in powerful ways. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling CBD oil or adult diapers, when you know how to authentically connect with an audience, they will open their wallets for you.


As a result,  I decided to open my own consultancy, Hilary Young Creative, in 2015. Since then, I’ve worked with over 100 brands (big and small!) to help them grow their businesses through brand and content strategy. 

Hilary Outside Headshot


How long will this course take to complete? 

This is a self paced and self guided course which means you can go at your own pace! I’ve focused on making the lessons easy to understand and quick to work through. You can go through this course in a couple of days or do it piece by piece and take a few weeks.

What software do I need? 

You don’t need anything extra to go through this course! I’ve included downloadable worksheets that you can use to work through the course content and create your brand strategy. 

How long will I have access for? 

You have lifetime access, which means your login to the membership area won’t expire. You’ll also receive any new updates I make to the course.

Not ready to commit to the course yet?

Download "5 Signs Your Brand Strategy Sucks" to see if your business is guilty of these major branding missteps.

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