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Real Talk: AI And Digital Marketing

AI and Digital Marketing: What You Should Know

AI has exploded onto the scene across  many industries, including marketing. Many people want to chat with me about how AI is impacting the marketing world and whether or not I’m concerned about a computer replacing me. Without hesitation, the answer is no; I am not worried about AI coming for my job. 

In fact, I think when you have the right frame of reference for how to incorporate AI into your digital marketing efforts, it can make your job exponentially easier. AI can be great for coming up with ideas for content, analyzing audience engagement, and SEO help.  

AI and Digital Media: What You Need to Know

No matter how helpful AI can be in assisting your marketing efforts, if you don’t know how to utilize the technology, it will be more of a headache than a help. In order to learn how to use AI to your advantage, here are some things to consider: 

AI for SEO Keyword Research

One way AI is being used in the marketing world is to enhance SEO strategies. AI can be used to help you comprehend search intent and help you make good choices about keywords as you create website content and blog posts.. AI tools can gather popular keywords associated with your target audience's searches, and give insight on how to update your content strategy to provide you with the best shot at ranking for them. After all, you can’t optimize a blog post or your website if you’re not using carefully considered longtail keywords that are relevant to your strategy. 

Expert Tip: Ask ChatGPT to find “SEO keywords for a [type of content, i.e. blog post, website] about [insert topic]” to get started. You might not like the results at first, but you can slowly train the tech to better understand what you are looking for.

AI Assistance for Social Media Captions

As social media continues to be the most popular way for businesses to market themselves, it can be a challenge to stand out amongst other brands. It can also be difficult to find new ways to talk about the same thing (hello, subject matter expert!). Using AI to craft social media content can take the pressure off of you to write everything from scratch all the time, especially when you are short on time as a business owner. AI can serve as a social media content generator and  help you tailor content specifically to your audience, as well as create content that performs best on each individual social media platform. 

AI tools can also be used to predict the best times to upload your posts, in order to connect with the right audience at the right time. With AI performing these tasks, time and effort can be poured into other parts of your business. 

Expert Tip: ChatGPT learns as it goes, so be sure to read, review, and edit everything you ask it to create before posting! You’ll find that while AI is super smart, it hasn’t been able to capture all the nuances of being human and that is often reflected in the content it spits back out at you. The most important part of creating content for your business is making sure it sounds authentically human!

AI Writing Assistance for Blogs and Emails

AI writing tools can aid in other forms of content creation as well. By submitting an outline or general idea to a generative AI writing tool, like ChatGPT, you can begin the process of writing a newsletter or a blog post without ever getting writer’s block. After refining your search and editing the results, you'll have a finished product in half the time. Using AI in this way can help you put out more consistent content in a more efficient way. 

Expert Tip: Make sure to give ChatGPT clear directions around what you want it to create, and don’t be disappointed if it spits back something insane the first time around. It’s iterative, meaning it will learn as you go, and you need to give clear direction for changes to make between drafts.

Humanizing AI Content in Your Digital Marketing Efforts

While AI is becoming smarter and more popularly used, it's important to remember that the content you're creating is meant to connect with actual humans. AI is brilliant at gathering data and providing insights into audience engagement, but any content written by AI should be edited to read like a human wrote it and be personalized to your brand and your voice. After all, you know your brand best, and the content you're putting out should reflect that. AI content can be a great jumping off point, but without your human edits, the results can be generic and will not resonate as much with your audience. 

As AI technology continues to evolve, it's clear that it's very quickly becoming adopted by business owners and marketing teams to help them become more efficient in how they use their time, not as a replacement for their ideas. In other words, AI is here to help you work smarter, not harder. Learning how to optimize it specifically for your business is key for future growth and success. 


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