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  • Hilary Young

Tell Me A Story

I am a storyteller. I told stories in a visual way when I worked as a television and digital producer up in New York, and after moving to Philadelphia, my medium changed to the written word. Stories are all around us--every brand, every business, every entrepreneur has a story to tell. It's just a matter of finding the right one.

Storytelling has ancient roots, with early humans commemorating their stories with paintings on the walls of caves, carvings onto trees, and etchings onto pottery. So why do some brands struggle so much with figuring out how to tell their story?

They Don't Know Who They're Talking To

Before you have the data to back it up, you have to make a significant amount of assumptions about your audience. Before even beginning to put thought into what story to tell, brands have to think about who they're going to be telling that story to. Whether you're launching a new business or undergoing a rebrand, putting together comprehensive buyer personas for your target audience will help add depth to any content you develop down the line. Buyer personas allow you to connect with not just any audience, but the right audience.

They're Not Being Authentic

Another reason why brands struggle in figuring out how to tell their story is a lack of authenticity. Consumers are savvier than ever before and if you're trying too hard to be something you're not, or are not forthcoming enough with certain details about your brand, customers are not going to connect with your story. A really good story will pull the reader in, relate to them in some way and sometimes even tug on the heartstrings a bit. Brands cannot be afraid to make an emotional connection with their audiences; it's the only way they'll find success.

They're Focused On Selling, Not Educating

There are many reasons why content created by brands should be educational and informative rather than promotional, including a successful approach to SEO and the ability to make more of a connection to potential customers. Content marketing has become such a positive investment for brands over the past few years because according to Content Marketing Institute, it costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates 3 times as many leads for businesses. A tell-tale sign that your content isn't doing enough to educate your audience? A high bounce rate from the page.

Start Telling The Right Story

If you feel as though you've been having trouble articulating your brand story or connecting with your audience, it might be time to bring in some help. As a professional storyteller, I can not only find a way to get to the heart of what your story is, I can also help you figure out the best way to tell it. Contact me today to book your FREE half hour consultation!

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