I encourage all of my clients to dream big.

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Every business has a story to tell and it's my job to help you figure out the best way to tell it. I'll work with you to come up with better ways to communicate with your audience, forging stronger connections with them and bigger profits for you.


I've got a lot of experience and love sharing what I've learned along the way with others.


From website content, to marketing materials, to blogs, to press releases and video scripts--if you need it, I'll write it. 


If you're struggling to define or redefine who you are as a brand, we can work together to explore what your business is all about.


I work with female business owners and entrepreneurs to coach them through branding & marketing obstacles. 


Who Is Hilary Young?

Hilary Young is a Content and Brand Marketing Consultant based in Philadelphia. She started her career in television production in New York City, working for The Colbert Report, MTV, CollegeHumor.com and HBO. She made the leap to creative marketing after moving to Philadelphia and never looked back. 

While it might seem like a major career change, the jump was actually quite organic; great storytelling is at the heart of everything Hilary does and she loves getting to do it for clients on a daily basis.

"I first came to Hilary with an idea about a brand I wanted to build from the ground up. I had so many different ideas, it was hard for me to get started on my own.  But she did a really great job of identifying exactly what I wanted to accomplish and helping me stay focused on achieving it."


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Marketing Coaching For Women

Let Me Be Your Cheerleader

I might be a little biased, but I think women are amazing! They manage to run businesses, households and families all at the same time. Since 2007, the number of women who run their own businesses has shot up by over 26 percent. And with more people desiring a flexible work schedule to balance family life, the idea of running a business has become an appealing idea.

For all those of you ladies who have toyed with the idea of launching your own business but have been lacking the confidence, direction, or energy to do so, HYC is here to help. Through one-on-one sessions I will help you to identify your perfect business idea, put a marketing plan together and create cohesive branding that includes a logo and website. Or, if your brand is already established, I can help you work through any marketing issues, work with you to launch a new campaign, or troubleshoot creative issues that have kept you in a holding pattern.