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Woman Owned Wednesday: Krista Little

Krista and I were first introduced through my client and fellow Woman Owned Wednesday-er, Sarah Wahiba Senan, and we hit it off from the jump. Krista told me how she was expanding her massage business into a larger wellness concept, bringing wellness-minded consumers together to shop and experience services from women owned businesses in a wellness marketplace she calls Self-Care Socials, and invited me to attend.

I drove up to northern New Jersey to attend last Spring and it was a truly magical event. Krista has a natural way of bringing people together and supporting other women in the process, which is something I can always get behind! Looking forward to 2024, she continues to be focused on helping people live less stressful lives and is intent on bringing wellness to the corporate workplace. The world needs more of Krista's energy right about now.

Meet Krista Little: CitiZEN Mobile Massage

What is the name of your company and what do you do?

CitiZEN Mobile Massage, wellness delivered. Massage and wellness services conveniently delivered to your home, workspace or event space. Our mission is to make self-care accessible to manage high stress chronic conditions and mental health. Specializing in lymphatic drainage, prenatal/postnatal, deep tissue, sports massage, couples massage, cupping, CBD and Reiki, as well as breath work and guided meditation workshops for corporate wellness events.

I also run Self-Care Social, which is a curated wellness event with only holistic, health and beauty vendors. The goal is to make self-care accessible and more affordable, and provide opportunities to elevate and expand your wellness journey with classes and holistic speakers.

How long have you been in business?

I am approaching 3 years in business, although I have 5 + years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, with experience in high end luxury spas in NYC, working with chiropractors, acupuncturists and PTs.

I also spent 7 years working in NYC as an EMS managing emergencies, which is when I realized people needed more wellness for sustainability and longevity.

How did you decide to launch your own business?

After gaining plenty of experience working for different establishments and growing a following, I created an IG account to set my business intention and in-person launch event in March 2021 to start.

What challenges did you face in the process of launching your business?

Learning how to run a business took time, doing research to find systems and reaching out to mentors in the field to navigate in making smart decisions. Creating structure with scheduling without burnout was the true challenge, one that I still find difficult as a giver. I always want to say “yes” but I have to have boundaries and limits to work sustainably.

Did you feel as though there were resources available to you, specifically as a woman business owner?

Through networking, I have found there are endless resources. It’s a matter of finding the right resources for my business that are authentic and align with my mission. Not every opportunity is right and being aware of what my business needs in being proactive is a must.

Do you have a mentor?

Absolutely, I have many–event mentors, a breath work mentor and industry network to support, gain feedback and get advice during challenges and growth. Community is so essential to the growth of my business and my mental health. It is impossible to do it all alone.

Books you recommend?

I always read to refresh my industry knowledge for techniques and skills, but I happen to love these three:

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

What do you love most about running your own business?

I love the freedom to have free time to be with my family, the freedom to think creatively and expand past my expectations. The opportunity for growth is endless if you want it.

What is your least favorite aspect of running your own business?

Making all the decisions can be tough, mistakes that turn into lessons and learning my own limitations and finding the right help for me.

What is your best piece of advice for other women who are thinking about launching a business?

Make a business plan, draw out your vision of the future, get mentors and ask questions. Your financial health is important, learning to manage your finances and grow sustainably is an art form. It takes a lot of work, passion and ambition but don’t give up. The growth is in coming out from the struggle.


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