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  • Hilary Young

Four Actionable Small Business Tips For Women

Ladies: need tips for building a more successful business?

As a small business owner and a woman, I am in a unique position to help pay it forward. Whether that means troubleshooting business issues, setting realistic goals and priorities, launching new products and services or expanding their brand reach, I have loved being able to help other women in similar positions find success. My work as a Marketing Coach for female business owners and entrepreneurs has been incredibly rewarding in so many different ways.

For those of you who are not quite ready to move forward with a Marketing Coach, here are four actionable tips you can utilize now to help you and your business stay on track:

Identify Your Priorities

Many of the women I speak to have a lot of great ideas and aren't quite sure how to implement them because they get too overwhelmed by the to-do list. I recommend that my clients create a Now/Later list to help them figure out what's important to focus on immediately and which good ideas can sit on the back burner until a later date. Being able to focus on immediate priorities while also maintaining a running list of all your good ideas for the future allow you to move forward without feeling paralyzed by indecision.

Stay Organized

Create systems that keep you organized and work for you. Organization is not one size fits all--some people swear by certain apps to stay organized and others, like me, create a custom system, like a Google Docs Spreadsheet with an itemized to-do list in its own tab each week. Try different things to see what works best for you and when you find something you like, stick with it! Being organized will help you function at a higher level every day that you are in business.

Know When To Enlist Help

As women we are incredibly capable of taking on a lot of responsibility and wearing many hats. But it's essential to your success and your business's success to not try to do everything by yourself. Knowing when it's time to bring in an expert to help you or to seek out a mentor for guidance can have a huge impact on your business and your psyche. Find support groups or networking events for women business owners in your community and tap into the collective power of group think. There is strength in numbers!

Always Be Prepared

Get into the habit of keeping your business cards on you at all times and not just at networking events. You'd be amazed at where you might meet someone that could be a business lead or potential client. I've handed out my cards at the gym, on playdates, at the nail salon and even once on date night! As a small business owner, you're never really off the clock and you have to learn how to become your own best advocate. After all, who knows how good you are at what you do better than you do?!

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