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Don't Just Build a Business, Build a Brand

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Hi I’m Hilary! I have over twenty years of experience in the storytelling space, first in television production in NYC and then in marketing communications in Philadelphia. I spent the early years of my career working on stellar projects like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Ricky Gervais’ Out of England comedy special for HBO, and served as the Senior Producer of Branded Content at CollegeHumor for a few years.


My time in television wasn’t just all glitz and glamor (although I have some pretty great stories to tell!); I also learned a whole lot about how to tell compelling stories that drew big audiences from some of the most brilliant, talented people. And I was able to take all of those lessons with me when I packed up and headed down to Philadelphia to transition into marketing.


In 2013, I was hired to serve as the Communications Manager for a medical alert device company based in Center City. I learned a great deal about the senior market in that role, and became a subject matter expert on aging. I also produced video spots with spokeswoman Florence Henderson.


Whether talking to young people in their 20’s or older folks in their 70’s, I realized that by applying my marketing method the brands I was working for were able to connect with their audiences in powerful ways. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling CBD oil or adult diapers, when you know how to authentically connect with an audience, they will open their wallets for you.


As a result,  I decided to open my own consultancy, Hilary Young Creative, in 2015. Since then, I’ve worked with over 100 brands (big and small!) to help them grow their businesses through brand and content strategy. 

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